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Inducing Consciousness

Once our quiet hour of meditation each evening has become part of inducing consciousness and a pleasurable part of our daily routine, we will begin to be thankful for simply being alive. What we should aim for is that the thankfulness will begin to stick with us even as we sleep and all through the next day. We should begin to hope that there will not be a clear dividing line between our "Quiet hour" and our tumultuous routine. If we succeed, we will become aware of simple and silent pleasures. We will desire outside stimulation less and less. We may find ourselves shopping less as our desire for material objects decreases. This is the first stirring of spiritual awakening.

Now we may want to start the day with a meditation. This will give our daily routine a new tone. After washing our hands, and showering or bathing, we sit in a comfortable position, or even stand outside, and we feel the life force silent and strong within and without. We should aim for feeling thankful that this quiet is ours, and no one can take it from us. We should aim for feeling hopeful that we can uncover this calm at will, no matter what comes our way. We should begin to feel a stir, a growing awareness, that the life force is a gift. Everything we do during the day will take on the vibration of a deeper dimension, even menial chores like washing the dishes. In this way we begin living a spiritual life.



Inducing Consciousness II

Slowly a feeling of light and thankfulness will begin to flow within us. Sometimes when we sit in meditation we should bring an extra amount of light and life to our hearts. For through our hearts, we can step outside of ourselves and connect deeply with other people. Instead of thinking only about our little lives, we will now begin think of somebody else's sorrow, a neighbor, or someone you work with. Now wish him or her well with all your heart. Imagine your inner light spreading from you to him, to her. When your light spreads, it does not leave you in darkness, but rather, if you wish someone else well, and hope for their happiness as much as you hope for your own, you will have twice the portion of happiness than you would have had before. You will become larger, you will experience a widening inside, a spaciousness you never imagined possible! And it that space, joy, quiet and blessings will pour through.

In this way, our deeper selves are stirred into life. We become more aware of a silent but vital inner life. We become more attuned to the people we come in contact with, their needs, their sorrows, their joys. It is as if we are waking up out of our long deep sleep, as if we are breaking out of our prison cells. If we meditate every day, not in order to gain power over other people, but in order to purify ourselves, everything we do will come from a deeper, more rooted place. This is the first step in having a spiritually nourishing life.


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